Стажировка EFPT

Программа обсервации в Mental Health Center

Наша клиника, единственная в России, принимает иностранных студентов на обсервацию в рамках The European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT). В 2017 мы впервые приняли на стажировку студента-психолога из Малави, и для всех это был очень полезный опыт. С разрешения студента, мы приводим его отзыв о стажировке:

«I would like to express my sincere gratitude for having accepted me to participate in the psychological interventions. It was really an honor to have had the opportunity to do practical’s with the experts in the field of psychiatry, psychology and sexology. I have honestly learnt a lot from everyone in the group; the approaches to a problem, analysis of issues and suggestions which were really objectively delivered.

I will still come sometimes if I have practical questions and I hope that I will be welcomed. Once again thank you so much for the so much helps that your firm has rendered to me.

Emmanuel Kalua.
Psychology student at Russian State Social University (Master’s Degree)»

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